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Sooraj (Sun) - Shades Of Dusk Shrug

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When the entire world is asleep, and dawn breaks, the sun whispers Here is your chance, a brand new beginning.” And at dusk, as the Sun bids farewell, it reminds you, “Don’t forget to pause, reflect, and restart.”

Sooraj Shrugs are a reminder that every morning is a fresh start, and every evening is a chance to begin again. Every dawn is the beginning of a new chapter, a chance to take up new opportunities and rewrite your story. And with every dusk, you learn to pause and look back on the day’s journey. Reflect on what you’ve learned, let go of any worries, and prepare yourself for the fresh opportunities tomorrow will bring.

Note: Inner and Pants are Not Included.


Material: Soft Crepe (100% Polyester)

About The Fit:

  • Long Length Front Open Shrug 
  • 3 Quarter Sleeves 
  • Printed Placket
  • Side Open Slits
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Random Huroof Calligraphed