Behbud Crafts

Self-Sustainable Nonprofit Organisation

 For over 50 years later,  Behbud Crafts has empowered five generations of Pakistani women to break through the shackles of patriarchy and take back the reins of their own lives. Behbud has been instrumental in the uplift of over a million disadvantaged women and their communities since 1967.

Behbud bases itself on the sole principle of working at the grassroots; physically reaching out and providing free of cost training in hand embroidery and needlework to women restricted to their homes and villages.

Apart from skill development programs and fair wages, Behbud also provides free healthcare to their workers and families, and open schools for their children in their communities.

Producing handmade apparel, home textiles and accessories in 11 different traditional crafts, Behbud has played a significant role in keeping the crafts of Pakistan alive today.

Inam Elahi- Truck Art

Truck art is a popular tradition in South Asia, mainly Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India, dating back to the 1920s when Bedford trucks began to be imported in the region.

Truck art attracted Inam Elahi from his early days and he started learning the basics of painting the trucks. He further pursued a one-year diploma course at a Pak-German vocational institute, which trained him in skills

necessary from calligraphy to landscape and miniature.

He also worked under world-renowned truck artist Haider Ali for 14 years to polish his skills

Today, Inam Elahi from Ghazali Handicraft is striving to keep this dying art alive by incorporating its motifs and designs in different household utensils and kitchenware. He works with an NGO that promotes folk art and also conducts workshops for students to preserve this vibrant art.

Hala Kashikari

Kashikari (pronounced ‘kaa-shee-kaa-ree’) is a decorative handcraft which is very similar to mosaic art. Kashi means ceramics and kari means work. This craft dates back to the Mesopotamian civilization and remains an important element of the Islamic architecture. Located by the left bank of River Indus in Sindh province of Pakistan, there is this quaint town of Hala, home to ancient artisanal Kashi artists called 'Kashigars'.

The making of a Kashi specimen goes through a series of 20 processes and several days to complete. The patterns on these stunning pieces are mostly representations of complex geometrical figures, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, leaves, flowers and calligraphic inscriptions in Arabic, Sindhi, Persian and Urdu. 

Amongst many handicrafts that Hala is popular for, glazed ceramic, earthenware and terracotta seem to be most popular in Pakistan. As with Multani Blue Pottery, this form of art is also under threat and needs to be supported through demand generation and promotion.


Multifunctional serveware solutions that transform every mealtime to a special event. 
Fine dining deserves the very best of serveware, and the enterprising duo at Tableware, Yasmeen and Saamia, do just that. 

Their love for fancy serve-ware, coupled with a desire to revive the dying, artisanal crafts of brass, copper and ceramics, culminated in a brand that today is cherished by the connoisseurs of luxury. 

This elite craft was revived and restored by the dedicated duo at Tableware.

They strive to preserve these precious skills by identifying skilled, local craftsmen, supporting small, dying workshops and modernizing classic design techniques into a more contemporary product.

Each piece follows a meticulous design process that involves months of industrious effort on part of the artisans, and must pass a rigorous quality check to bring forth the trademark brilliance associated with Tableware products. 

This attentiveness, paired with an artistic vision at each step is what enables Tableware to create the final products that later become cherished pieces.

Multani Pottery

Multan, one of the oldest cities in Pakistan, is well known for its blue pottery. The skills for blue pottery have been handed down and improved with each generation. Skilled artisans meticulously draw sophisticated patterns and designs inspired by nature or Muslim art. Blue pottery process is very intricate and laborious ,demanding a lot of skill and patience. Like with other hand-craft, blue pottery is also on the verge of decline and needs to be preserved as millions of livelihoods rely on it.

Polly & other stories

Polly & other stories work with a diverse community of innovative artisans, designers, artists and entrepreneurs across Pakistan that have a unified vision of growth and dynamic product development. polly & other stories involves people with a creative vision and a passion to make – from rural women painstakingly crafting beautiful pieces using age-old, hand-worked techniques to a young entrepreneurial artisans crafting handmade soaps and talented men making hand-printed fabric using organic dyes and hand-carved wooden blocks.  

Through thoughtfully curated marketplace, they assist local entrepreneurs to develop and sell products to a global audience while enabling businesses and artisans to grow, learn, and make a living. 

The centre of polly & other stories activities is Pakistan. Their diverse and extremely talented partners are located across the country – from the snow-packed hills of Chitral to the muddy mangrove swamps outside the bustling metropolis of Karachi.


𝐋𝐞𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐛𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭

The light-wells are a creation handed down to Rabbania Shirjeel by her dear Uncle.
Being inspired by light and having an interest in product design and local craft, he took patterns from nature and designs that are deeply rooted in our cultural craft.

Today, these handmade light-wells are produced under Tasweerghar by Rabbania and a team of young artists and artisans to expose them to local craft and create an understanding of product designing and its market. The aim is to create a community through craft, which is what Tasweerghar promotes.

Wearable Art by Noshina

Wearable Art by Noshina came into being when Noshina Arif decided to take her love for art and unique jewellery into the entrepreneurial world. Her aim was not only to bring something unique to the table but also leave an impactful message. She has magnificently portrayed the beauty of calligraphy, Pakistan’s culture, and women empowerment through her admirable work. She creates hand-painted wooden jewellery. Each piece has a story behind it.

 Her unique hand painted wooden jewelry is a fusion of art and fashion. It takes art out from the gallery to wearable objects. Every piece has a unique artistic statement, and a personal touch that distinguishes it from conventional types of jewelry.

Her objective is to empower and educate communities through the universal language of art and culture interaction, and to work on promotion of art through wearables.

Noshina is trying to open opportunities for art students and artisans to build sustainable livelihoods by conducting workshops and presentations related to art, jewelry making and more.

These beautiful pieces of jewelry are painstakingly designed, handpainted, and crafted by a small team of artists, art students, artisans and craftsmen. Wearable art is not only worn but it also has an intention of its creation to be accepted as a serious and unique artistic statement. It’s like the marriage of fashion and visual art.

Jade Accessories

Jade Accessories was inspired by the cultural melting pot that is found in cosmopolitan cities like Dubai. Their fashion accessories and jewellery are a beautiful blend of cultural elements from around the world; beads, charms, motifs and jewellery-making techniques all reflect the blend. It’s an eclectic fusion of current fashion and traditional crafts that the two sisters have coined 'Tradition with a Twist'. JADE is colourful and fresh, glamorous and luxurious and appealing to all tastes. Their collection is all pure silver and is beautifully handcrafted by Pakistani artisans in Bhawalpur. Each of their piece has the old world charm with an unmistakable JADE touch.


Vceela is a social enterprise empowering the artists and artisans of Pakistan by connecting them directly to local and international markets through their online marketplace.  Vceela’s ecosystem assists these artisans in improving the design and quality of their craft, as well as listing, marketing, selling and shipping them. Using technology and innovation in the supply chain, within the last 5 years Vceela has connected thousands of Pakistani artisans to various markets internationally. As a result, these artisans have become micro entrepreneurs, job creators, and exporters. Vceela is a platform that brings good causes, ethical businesses, and great people together to create a meaningful change!

Saba Design Works

Sabadesignworks is a creative design space based in Dubai.Trained as a designer and illustrator Sabas work reflects her passion for form and color.Her work ranges from illustrations,paintings,designing and customizing accessories or simply up cycling furniture pieces.

Being a mum and homemaker as well her interest in beautifying her surroundings and paying attention to detailing has been her pure passion and hence it shows in her recent home accessories collection where she has integrated her roots to a more modern approach.