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Love is a powerful force that connects two souls and sets their world glowing like a blooming sun, it radiates warmth, beauty, and hope.

Kahaani Odhni honors the legendary love story of Layla & Majnun, capturing the essence of their passion. Adorned with poetry and intricate details, this piece is a true work of art. It is true a reminder that true love transcends time and space. 

Material: Cotton Silk (65% Cotton & 35% Polyester)

Dimensions: Length: 104-106 Inches, Width: 38-40 Inches

فریاد کو مجنوں کی سنے کون جہاں ہوں، لکھوں دل نالاں جرس محمل لیلیٰ ۔
In the couplet, the poet wonders who in this world will be able to understand the depth of Majnun's pain and hear his cries of anguish. With a heavy hearthe writes about Majnun's story, carried by the wings of the messenger, Leyla.

عالم غبار وحشت مجنوں ہے سر بہ سر، کب تک خیال طرۂ لیلا کرے کوئی ۔
In this couplet, the poet is conveying Majnun's state of mind and his obsession with Leyla. The world around Majnun seems full of darkness and uncertainty, and he is consumed by the thoughts of Leyla. 

کانٹوں سے یہ کہہ رہی ہے لیلیٰ، مجنوں مرا برہنہ پا ہے ۔

In this couplet, Leyla is calling out for help to anyone who can hear her voice, as Majnun is lying naked and wounded among thorns - suggesting that the two lovers are facing great difficulties, but even in their pain, they continue to think of each other.

جنگل جنگل شوق کے مارے ناقہ سوار پھرا کی ہے، مجنوں جو صحرائی ہوا تو لیلیٰ بھی سودائی ہوئی ۔
This couplet is using poetic imagery to convey the idea that both Majnun and Leyla are lost in their love for each other - suggesting that love can be a powerful force that can lead one astray from the expected path.

کیا نقش میں مجنوں ہی کے تھی رفتگی عشق لیلیٰ کی بھی تصویر تو حیران کھڑی ہے ۔
This couplet is using imagery to suggest that the painting is referred to may only depict Majnun's separation from Leyla while neglecting the impact of Leyla's love on their story.

مجنوں بھی نہ رسواے جہاں ہوتا نہ وہ آپ مکتب میں جو کم آتی پہ لیلیٰ تھی دوانی میمجنوں ۔
This couplet is suggesting that Majnun was not embarrassed by his love for Leyla, regardless of where they were - implying that Majnun's love for Leyla was so powerful that it defined him and that it was Leyla's influence on Majnun that set him apart from others.

کہیں شام و سحر رویا تھا مجنوں عشق لیلیٰ میں ہنوز آشوب دونوں وقت رہتا ہے بیاباں میں ۔
This couplet suggests that Majnun's love for Leyla has left him in a state of constant turmoil. He is so consumed by his love that he often loses track of time and his surroundings - feeling lost and alone in his love, but still clings to the hope of being reunited with Leyla.

آہستہ قدم رکھیو تو اے ناقۂ لیلیٰ مجنوں کا بندھا آتا ہے دل گام سے تیرے ۔ 
This couplet suggests that if Leyla's camel treads softly, then Majnun's heart, which is bound to her, will follow her step by step - implying that Majnun's love for Leyla is so strong that he is willing to follow her even if it means moving slowly and carefully.

محبت اب تلک رکھتی ہے یہ تاثیر مجنوں میں کہ بن لیلیٰ نہیں کھنچتی کہیں ۔
This couplet suggests that Majnun's love for Leyla is so strong that it has a powerful effect on him. He is completely devoted to her and no matter where she goes, he cannot be drawn away from her - implying that love can bind people together in a powerful and unbreakable way.

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