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Zahra Ebrahim

Peetal ka piyala- Chip n Dip Platter

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A removable brass bowl perches on this chip n dip platter where the 3 square containers are perfect for savouries or nuts. Float flowers or candles in the brass bowl for a visual treat or use it to serve a dip.


Clean with a soft damp cloth. Use Clear Furniture Polish occasionally to maintain the wood’s natural finish.

A water-based coating makes the surface resistant to scratches, abrasions and chemical agents making this tray easy to maintain.

When serving oily food on the platter do use a Doily or wax paper.

The bowl may be washed with a light detergent. dry immediately.

Felt pads at the bottom keep all surfaces scratch-free.


Kale Wood

Brass Rods

Ply wood

Brass bowl (removable)

Felt pads